Practical Stress Management Tips especially during the holiday season

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•Lower your expectations
•Recognize your limits
•Be realistic
•KISS-keep it simple and sane
•Make lists and do what is written on them
•Set limits/boundaries
•To what can you say ‘no?’
•Decide & take action
•Breathe deeply
•Slow down
•Be kind to yourself
•Practice your faith
•Keep your sense of humor
•Watch the amount and type of food you eat
•Get as much sleep and rest breaks as you can
•Schedule some time for yourself
•Make exercise a priority–walk whenever you can
•Have some fun
•Listen to music
•Limit shopping; shop early
•Ask for help
•Let go of what you cannot control and take the initiative to influence what you can
•Reframe how you see situations and people
•Remember the good times
•Tell people that you love them
•Take one day at a time and value it
•Find the ‘spark:’ what is the best part of relationship with friends, family,
mates, co-workers and others
•Recognize the harmful effects of expecting everything to be perfect & take steps to be more flexible
•Remind yourself about the high cost of worry and the low return
•Be willing to accept that sometimes enough is okay
•Respond-don't react
•Remember what the holidays are about

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